Plants for Places

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Don't let the sun go down on me!

If part of your garden becomes dry and is very sunny, then I may well have a few plants that fit the bill.  Just be sure to keep them well watered the first year until they've settled in.

Cistus 'Sunset'

Evergreen with grey-green leaves and cerise flowers from May and through the summer months. 


Halimiocistus sahucii

Evergreen with delicate white flowers and yellow centres continuously produced from late spring.


Convolvulus cneorum

Evergreen with silky white funnel-shaped flowers from spring onwards.


Ceanothus repens

Evergreen with pale blue flowers from May and into June/July.

Forget me Plants

With busy lives, many people would like a garden to 'look after itself'; that we can forget about and require minimal care.  A few plants may help towards this.  The following are worth giving space to.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Beautiful blue flowers in late summer with stunning autumn colour from the leaves too.


Cotoneaster dammeri

Good in sun or part shade.  Evergreen with white flowers and red berries.  


Pachysandra terminalis

Evergreen glossy leaves with white flowers in spring and early summer.


Vinca minor

Evergreen low growing plant with flowers in blue, purple or white.  Variegated forms such as; 'Ralph Shugert' are very attractive and lighten a shady spot.



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