Food for Flowers

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If the world were an even place, the natural life cycle of growth and die back would go around in a nice neat circle, with leaf fall and decomposing plant material providing all nutrients and minerals to the soil for the next generation of plants to soak up and thrive.

But, as life is never as tidy as we would like our gardens to be, we sometimes need to provide a bit of nourishment so that our plants can flourish.

Container plants will appreciate a feed, as their source of sustenance is obviously limited by the size of the pot, and there's only so long before they will need a top-up.  Liquid and soluble feed are some of the easiest to apply, and certainly the best option for containers where there's a risk of overfeeding with granular or powdered feed.  Ever looking to multi-task, these fertilisers are applied at the same time as your regular watering and you can even get an attachment for the end of your hose, so you're doing two jobs in one!

One of the most satisfying benefits of using a liquid feed is that the results are fast - you should see an impact within a fortnight.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food

A balanced mix of the essential NPK, plus a blend of 6 more micro-nutrients.  Just one large scoop is added to an average sized watering can (4.5L).  Feeding is recommended every two weeks from early spring until late summer.

Miracle-Gro Liqua feed Starter Kit

A great option for large areas, the bottle of feed attaches to the feeder, which attaches to the hose, and the plants are fed and watered in one fell swoop.  Refill bottles are available in twin packs.

Seaweed extract

A naturally organic stimulant that can be used from the very first stages of seed germination, right through to giving a boost to mature plants.  It's natural, good for the environment all round!


Leafy plants like a feed high in nitrogen, but any flowering plants, including fruiting plants that set flowers, enjoy a rich potassium feed.  Tomorite is ideal, not just for tomatoes, but also to use alongside an all purpose food for a whole variety of plants.


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