Grow your own Rainbow

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Now's the time of year to get out in the garden and plant vegetables and herbs.  If you plan it right, you can end up growing your own rainbow!  Why not start with purple radish at one end , following with tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, lettuce, broccoli and ending up with dark green kale at the end.  The possibilities are endless!

Radish Scarlet Globe £1.55

Tomato Heartbreaker £2.99

Carrot Resistafly £2.79

Parsnip Gladiator £2.79

Lettuce Little Gem £1.75

Broccoli Parthenon £2.99

Kale Black Magic £2.99

VegTrug sells a range of raised planters that are perfect for growing vegetables and herbs in.  They are at a handy height so no more bending or crouching down!  They are environmentally friendly as well, with the wood sourced from sustainable plantation grown fir.  The small 1m VegTrug is available for £109.00 and comes flat packed so it will easily fit in your car to take away today.


For a more purse friendly option, Grange Fencing sells 'rustic Raised Beds' at £14.99 for the small and £17.99 for the large.  These are perfect for sectioning off an area in your garden for a mini vegetable plot. 

Don't forget to feed, Miracle-Gro, Gro Your Own Fruit and Vegetable feed is only £5.49 per bottle.

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