Potted Pleasure

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One of the easiest ways to quickly transform an outside space is to inject some colour and structure with planted containers.  Instant impact patio plants will give an immediate wow.
5 Top tips...

1.  Big is Beautiful

If you want the look and you want it now then larger sized plants in 1 Litre plus sized pots will do the job.  In our nursery we grow a huge range of these bigger sized patio plants including...


2. Think Odd!
Upright plants of the same type and variety when grouped in odd numbers (i.e. 3 or 5) in a container will grow together to give the effect of one huge plant!  This is particularly effective with plants such as Marguerites, Euryops, Osteospermum, Upright Fuchsias, Cosmos and Guara.

3. Use Good Compost
The quality of the growing medium that you use in your container is vital for the health and development of your plants.  You tend to get what you pay for with Compost.  We recommend Coolings Professional Multi-Purpose Compost, which we use in our nursery to grow over a million plants every year.
4.  Formula for Success

Use the 'Thriller, Filler, Spiller' formula as a proven recipe for success when planting containers...
Thriller - Central upright plant to provide height and wow. 

Filler - Lower flowering or foliage plants that form the middle layer of a planter.

Spiller - Trailing plants to cascade down the hedge of the container and soften the effect.
5. Feed

This makes a tremendous difference!  If you want strong healthy flowering plants then DO feed them.  We recommend Miracle-Gro.
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