Renaissance is in the air

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Tillandsias (air plants) are enjoying a renaissance, having been very popular in the 1970s.  As with all things, if you wait long enough they will come back into fashion!!

Tillandsias originate from Central South America and Mexico.  In their native habitat, they rely on a host plant or other surface to attach themselves to, where they can get good light, and gather moisture and nutrients through their leaves.

They make a really good feature in the home, whether in a group or placed singularly.

Tillandsias may be attached to many items, maybe a favourite shell to remind you of a fabulous holiday, a small piece of wood you may have found, in a bowl surrounded by pretty pebbles or moss or even as a fridge magnet.

Tillandsias often flower, some may even have a scent.  After flowering the parent plant will eventually die, but not before it has produced pups.  These can then be removed from the parent and used to display on their own.

They need misting with water several times a week or dunking in water to maintain their health.  Also spraying with a liquid feed is very beneficial.  The possibilities for displaying these very varied and fascinating plants is endless:  make a vertical garden as a living picture to place on a wall, as a very interesting focal point, hang them upside down.  The only limit for display is your imagination.



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