Mossy March - Declare War on Moss

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It has been a very wet year, and a lot of us have had problems with moss on the lawn.  Rather than just killing the moss, we need to start with eliminating the cause of the problem.

A good way to do this is to aerate the area with a tine hollow aerator, then fill in the holes by brushing in top dressing, followed by applying a good moss killer.  Our best seller is MO-Bacter which starts at £22.99, but there are several others on the market, for example EverGreen complete 4 in 1. When it has worked its magic, you might be left with bare patches or a very sparse lawn.  The remedy for that is to over seed or patch seed.  We stock a whole range of grass seed from Johnsons - there should be one that best suits your needs, for example shady place lawn seed.

For patch seeding, Patch Magic is an easy solution - just open the tub and sprinkle onto the patches, then water in.  Prices start at £11.99 and will cover up to 13 patches.  If your lawn happens to look very good and just needs a feed, this is the time to apply.  If your lawn is large, we suggest using a spreader when applying to give an even distribution. We stock two different types: Scotts rotary spreader suitable for very large gardens, and also Scotts drop spreader suitable for all gardens.  Both are adjustable for most products.  We also stock a simpler drop spreader that is compatible with the EverGreen lawn foods.  The Scotts spreaders are also handy when applying MO Bacter.


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