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Don't be afraid to grow your own vegetables or bedding plants from seed.  You don't need a big garden or fancy greenhouse.  It is easy and saves a lot of money, not to mention the satisfaction when pulling the first carrot out of the ground or planting a hanging basket with your home grown petunias.

If your garden is too small for a traditional greenhouse, then an alternative could be a medium walk-in greenhouse (h1.9 x w1.43 x d0.73m at £39.99**).  Both can be easily assembled when needed, and taken down again to make room for other activities.

From the end of March, some seeds and bulbs can be sown and planted outside in the ground, for example brussel sprouts, summer cabbages, beans, peas, garlic onions and sweet peas.


Some seeds are better sown in pots, for example cauliflower, and plastic pots are available in the shop from 9cm at 30p up to 25ltr at £5.50.

You can give nature a helping hand by covering your soil with black heavy duty plastic (2m wide at £2 per metre) to warm it up and make it ready for planting parsnips, kale and lettuce.  When planted, you can cover the rows with a cloche tunnel (from £12.99) to protect them from harsh weather and pests.

We stock a wide range of seeds in the shop from both Suttons and Thompson & Morgan, catering for every taste and flavour.


To give your seedlings the best start, we stock heated and non-heated propagators in different sizes, from £3.99 for a non-heated windowsill propagator to a heated windowsill propagator for £39.99.  These are very handy if space is a premium and seeds need a little help to germinate.


So why not give it a go, maybe club together with like-minded friends or family.  You could all grow different varieties and swap your results. 

**These products are currently on promotion and are limited whilst stocks last.


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