Tools to be Treasured

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At Coolings we feel that gardening should always be a pleasure and not back ache, but having the right tools for the job can really make a difference.  This autumn you will see an exciting new look to our tool range with an expanded selection.

Kent & Stowe

K&S Stainless Steel Digging Spade - £29.99

K&S Stainless Steel Long Handle Soil Rake - £27.99

K&S Stainless Steel Digging Fork - £29.99

One of my best garden tools is an old spade that was my grandad's.  For me it is not just an heirloom but a lovely crafted British-made spade with a good ash wood handle which has been worn in just the right places to make it comfortable.

Old can be great, but when you need a new or complimentary tool, Kent & Stowe does not fall short, with a range covering carbon steel, stainless steel and top-end cuttings tools.  Based upon the designs of garden tools from the 1800s, the range has a traditional look and they have all been designed in the UK.

Burgon & Ball

Tools don't come with a better pedigree!  British-made and produced in Sheffield since 1730, these are some of the finest tools in the world.  All Burgon & Ball tools are covered by a no-quibble lifetime guarantee and will exceed your expectations.  Many Burgon & Ball tools are also endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, have won numerous awards, and are widely respected amongst serious gardeners.  However, pedigree does not mean boring!  Burgon & Ball's latest "RHS Gift for Gardeners" was awarded the Sword of Excellence 'because it effortlessly combines functionality with stunning design'.

So if you want to give a tool to be treasured to that special someone this autumn, give them one that will last a generation (or more!).

B&B Mid Handled Claw - RHS Endorsed - £14.95

B&B Passiflora Trowel & Fork - £19.95

B&B Chrysanthemum Gift Set - £64.95

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