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Coolings Wins Commitment to the Environment Award
And Then There Were Four!

Patriotic Planting

As we gear up to celebrate a Royal Wedding, you maybe wanting to find ways to incorporate the British spirit into your planting this summer.When designing your beds, pots and baskets, the obvious colour combination would be red, white and …

Blowing Hot and Cold

Seasonal planting to capture a theme.Colour theming is a great way to give your garden a certain feel or effect. Seasonal plants allow a fresh pallet every year and give the opportunity to experiment. Warm colours complement each other and …

A few from Peru - The joys of Alstroemeria

More and more people are discovering that Alstroemeria (commonly called Peruvian Lilies) are unusual, colourful and easy to grow additions to the garden.There are now many attractive modern varieties available that will flower throughout the summer and return year after …