Plant Tips for September to November

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Plant Tips


  • Divide overgrown perennials from this month onwards
  • Any late flowering perennials should be staked to prevent damage
  • September is an ideal month to sow or turf new lawns
  • Spring bedding can be planted now to establish before winter 
  • Plant out spring onion sets
The perfect time to put down new turf.  Try Grasslands' premier Rysport turf grown in Kent on the Romney Marshes, and ideal for any garden.  £3.99 per roll (0.6m x 1.6m), available now.
Why not try Taylors Onion Set 'Red Winter' or 'Troy', available in our Bulb Store from mid-September.  Price from £1.99 each.


  • Rake up fallen leaves.  Store in a mesh cage to make leaf mould
  • Lift any summer flowering bulbs or tubers that are not hardy
  • Lift and divide rhubarb if the plant has become congested
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs before the soil becomes too wet and cold
  • Sow sweet peas under cover for earlier flowers next year
A wide selection of Sweet Pea varieties are available from this season's ranges of Thompson & Morgan and Suton seeds.  Price from £1.99.

  • Clean or recylce old plant pots or trays
  • Prune any glasshouse grapevines
  • Plant fruit trees or bushes if the soil is not frozen
  • Insulate the greenhouse to save heating bills
  • Insulate pots left outside to prevent roots from freezing
Bubble wrap is ideal to keep your pots and roots protected from frost (£2 per metre by the metre).  Also don't forget to protect more delicate plants with fleece (£1.50 per metre by the metre).


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