The Charm of Patio Roses

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The rose has been voted the nation's favourite plant and at Coolings we offer a huge range of superb home-grown and David Austin varieties.  Growing roses successfully in a pot is an ambition of many gardeners; however the choice of pot and variety are the keys to success.

Dwarf patio roses are ideal for growing in containers as their compact growth habit makes them ideal for this purpose.

Our rose expert Terry's top two varieties are:-

  Rosa 'Sweet Dream'  


  Rosa 'Sweet Magic'

When selecting a pot, remember that roses have a deep tap root so pick a pot that has plenty of depth.  Roses are heavy feeders and thrive best in rich fertile soil.  When in pots we recommend growing roses in John Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose with added John Innes compost, as this is an ideal blend of loam and compost that will hold nutrients.  If you were kept without food or water for a period of time, how would you look?  Neglected roses will look the same!  So water and feed are the keys to good health and performance.  A light dressing of Toprose fertiliser in sring and mid-summer is all that is required and a can of water in the summer when dry, avoiding the foliage (this will reduce fungal problems).  All roses are best in a sunny location so choose a nice bright spot to place your container.  Simply nip out the faded blooms to encourage repeat flowering.

Following this simple advice should allow you to enjoy the charms of Patio roses to their full potential throughout the summer months.

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