Freshly Minted!

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At Coolings we offer a superb range of fresh herbs. Why scrabble around in the back of the cupboard for those dismal jars of grey and dusty dried herbs when growing your own is so easy and rewarding? Mint is perhaps the easiest of the lot.

Say mint and most people think of mint sauce for lamb or a sprig of English Mint on tasty new potatoes. Perhaps Spearmint chewing gum. But we offer over 25 varieties to tickle your taste buds and tempt you to try something new!

  (Banana Mint)

Did you know there is an Apple-scented mint?

Or a Banana-scented Mint?

Or a Basil-scented Mint?

We have a Chocolate-scented Mint!

  (Chocolate Mint)

And a Grapefruit-scented Mint!

And a Ginger-scented Mint!  

   (Ginger Mint)

How about a fragrant Lavender-scented Mint?

Or a zingy Lime-scented Mint?

  (Lime Mint)

Why not try a delicious Orange-scented Mint?

Or staying with the fruit theme, a Pineapplescented Mint?

  (Pineapple Mint)

We even have a Curley Mint!

Great fun to grow the different types, ring the changes and get experiMINTing this summer!

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