Grafted Veg - Get a bumper crop!

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Grafted Veg For gardeners who reap a bumper harvest for their efforts

  • Up to 75% more fruit
  • Stronger, more vigorous plants
  • Greater resistance to pests and diseases
  • Early harvest
  • Can be grown in a glasshouse or outside in a sunny sheltered position after the risk of frost
  • Value for money

The Grafting Process

A union of a strong rootstock bottom and the top of the cultivated variety are grafted at an angle and bound together with a special clip that will drop off naturally as the plant develops.

This process of grafting fools the top of the plant into thinking it is more advanced than it is, and as a result will become more productive and produce fruit sooner.

  Aubergine (F1 Scorpio)

Varieties Available

As well as our regular range of Single Grafted Tomatoes (Belriccio, Giulietta, Sweet Petit, Orangino and Elegance), we have a fabulous new variety, Aviditas, a small plum tomato with excellent taste. To go alongside our existing range of Sweet Peppers (F1 Britney and F1 Corno di Toro Rosso), Aubergine (F1 Scorpio) and Cucumber (Mini Stars), we are pleased to introduce a new Cucumber, Carmen, a unique variety resistant to powdery mildew, scab and leaf spots! Plants available from late April.

Sweet Peppers (F1 Britney), Tomato Aviditas and Cucumber (Mini Stars)

Did You Know?
This year for the very first time we are offering vegetable plants from James Wong’s popular seed ranges, also available from late April onwards.

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