September Beauties in the Herbaceous Garden

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3 for £20 during September/October

for all Herbaceous Perennials up to £11.99 retail.

Late summer and early autumn is a magical time in the garden.  Whilst earlier flowering perennials are a happy memory, there are a surprising number of herbaceous plants that are at the height of their beauty at this time.

“Top of the tree” has to be Japanese Anemones.  Tough and reliable, they will return year after year to give height and colour.  There are some lovely varieties about.  ‘September Charm’ is a beautiful single pink, which is complemented well with the single white flowers of ‘Honorine Jobert’.  Double flowered forms are also available, with ‘Whirlwind’ probably being the favourite among customers.  This year during September we aim to have as many varieties as possible for you to choose from.

Schizostylis or Kaffir Lilly is perhaps less well known, but is a real gem.  The beautiful flowers appear from the evergreen sword-like leaves throughout autumn.  Crimson, White and Pink varieties are all available.

Asters are an old favourite for late season colour.  Modern hybrids such as the Island Series are compact, floriferous and healthy.  They will clump up quickly to produce a beautiful display year in, year out with little fuss.

Sedums are as loved by bees, as they are by us.  If you want to do one thing to provide a late source of nectar in your garden, then plant a sedum.  Their fleshy leaves make them very drought tolerant and extremely low maintenance.  One hint to make them flower later is to give them the ‘Chelsea Chop’.  Simply give the plant a hair-cut in the week of the Chelsea Flower Show and this will make it regrow shorter, bushier and later flowering! 


Hardier varieties of Dahlia like deep red ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ look stunning at this time of year.  Penstemons and Rudbeckia will still be strutting their stuff and can be planted in combination with grasses which are also looking their best at this time.


As Shakespeare famously said, “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date”.  This is especially true with our fantastic autumn herbaceous offer, Buy 3 for £20 in September - October. Offer valid on all Herbaceous Perennials up to £11.99 retail. 

So make the most of every moment in your garden and let summer slip into autumn with good cheer!


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