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As I put pen to paper for this edition of the newsletter, I have just read my first e-mail advising me of local toad movements from the Kent Amphibian and Reptile Group (KARG).  We have signed up for Toad Patrols in Knockholt, the aim being to save as many as we can from being killed on the roads as they make their way to their breeding pond at Coolings Green & Pleasant.  Toads start to travel straight after dark, crossing the roads just as rush hour sets in.  It appears that breeding will be early this year due to the mild, wet weather, so it may well be that by the time you read this all the main ‘action’ will be over.  We did want to make mention of it however, to make people more aware for next year.  Careful driving will save lives!  (Least of all mine, even though I’ll be in a high visibility jacket with a torch, acting as a ‘lollipop lady’ for the little critters!).

Another survey everyone will want to know about is our next Bat Walk.  Taking place on Wednesday 30 April at 7.30pm, this event starts with a meal and a talk in Blueberry Café, followed by a guided after dark tour of the Nature Trail accompanied by a bat expert and plenty of scanners (the scanners make the bats audible to the human ear). 

Looking ahead into May and the better weather, there will be Children’s Workshops to enjoy during half-term.  “Pond Dipping & Bug Hunt” will be on Tuesday 27 May and “Build a Bug/Bat/Bee Box” on Thursday 29 May.  These are always popular events which need booking in advance.

See you soon!

To book any of the events at Green & Pleasant please call 01959 534386

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