Floral Fusions

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A new product to market this year is Suttons Floral Fusions, a range of easy to grow flower mixes.

Floral Fusions is a range of easy to grow flower mixes which contain up to 20 different types of flower seed! This all-in-one container really couldn’t be easier, fill your garden with fabulous flowers in 3 easy steps:

1. Prepare the ground where you would like your flowers to grow by raking the soil and removing any weeds
2. Scatter the seeds evenly across the area and cover with a light dusting of compost. Floral Fusions contains natural inert buckwheat to make sowing easier!
3. Water gently and wait for the flowers to bloom!

There are six different varieties, all of which have a long flowering season and are beneficial garden insects too.  The wide range includes:

  • Madame Butterfly, Butterflies & Bees Mix: A garden party for pollinators
    A mix of perennial flowers that will attract a range of pollinating insects to your garden
  • La Traviata, Warm Mix: A stunning natural firework display
    A mix of semi-tall annuals in warm colours
  • Rigoletto, Perennial Mix: Flowers that bloom year-after-year
    Perennial varieties that will seed themselves year after year
  • La Rondine, Shade Mix: Brightens even the darkest corners of your garden
    Annual and biennial flowers perfect for those shady spots
  • La Cenicienta, Annual Mix: Fabulous flowers in just 40-50 days!
    Beautiful blooms in just 40 – 50 days
  • Fleurs Parfumees, Fragrant Mix: Fabulous fragrances in your garden
    An aromatic mix of annual flowers, both fragrant and long lowering varieties
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