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Newly Published Memoirs from Michael Cooling

Available Now:  Newly Published Memoirs from Michael Cooling Arthur Cooling:  From Smallholding to Garden Centre is a great read for anyone interested in the history of Coolings.  In his first book, Michael Cooling wrote an autobiographical account of the evolution of Coolings …

Get ahead - grow a hedge! Bareroot hedging now available!

Whether they are used for dividing, lending structure or simply to add beauty – hedges are the secret of every good garden. And now’s the time to plant them…Bare root hedging offers an easy to plant solution to hedging at …

The Language of Roses

It’s the turn of the Queen of the Flowers to be in the spotlight. With its magnificent appearance, the classic rose is a welcome guest in every home. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians discovered the beauty of the romantic rose …