Bizzies are Back!

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We are excited to announce that Busy Lizzies (Impatiens) are back! This year our on-site nursery team have grown a new mildew resilient series which we are offering our customers for the first time.

This popular and versatile summer bedding plant all but vanished from our gardens after a new strain of fungal mildew arrived in Britain in 2011, wiping the plants out. Now, after years of work, the plant breeders have developed a healthy breakthrough bedding Impatien variety and we will be growing all seven wonderful colours (orange, orange star, red, rose, violet, white and mixed) which are available in packs of six.

Unlike most other bedding plants, bizzies delight in shade as well as the sun and create lovely colourful ground cover. Great companions with hostas and hydrangeas.

For a full on statement effect, bizzies will always ‘WOW’ when planted on their own in pots or as part of a mixed arrangement of plants as they are hard to beat for continuous colour. Feed throughout the season with an all-purpose plant food (such as Miracle-Gro all purpose soluble plant food) to ensure flowering from early in the season until the first frosts.

We will also continue to offer the larger growing New Guinea Impatiens which are also mildew resistant and available in packs and one litre pots!

Bizzies planted with hostas and hydrangeas.  Hostas and ‘bizzies’ are good companions to brighten shaded areas


So, come up to Coolings and get busy planting!

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