Top Tools to Ease the Autumn Clear Up

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Gardening should always be a pleasure and not back ache, and having the right tools for the job can really make a difference. Here are some of our suggestions…

Top of the list is dealing with Leaves!

You can’t do much better than Kent & Stowe’s Ultimate Leaf Rake with its super strength wooden handle and 30” ergonomic curved head. To top it off, it’s a steal at £7.99!

If raking doesn’t float your boat then try the Bosch ALS 2500 Leaf Blower. Its variable speeds and 2500watt motor can cope with either a light dusting or the more persistent sticky, wet leaves. It has an adjustable handle and padded shoulder strap for comfortable use without pain in your shoulders or arms. It comes with a 45 litre collection bag so you will be able to collect quite a lot before it will need emptying. At £89.99 it’s a bit pricier compared to the rake, but worth it for the time and energy saved!


If all else fails then I find getting the children involved is always a winner! Leaf pick up is an ideal chore for young people who are eating you out of house and home. Make sure they have some quality, well-fitted gloves and let them learn the old-fashioned way! Alternatively, give them some leaf grabs to help them, such as Garland Heavy Duty Hand Leaf Grabs £9.99. Then, when they are ready for power tools, let them grab a hold of that sweet new blower!

Next up - the lawn…

You can’t beat a Traditional Besom Broom for sweeping away worm casts. It’s not the activity of the worms naturally aerating the soil, but the detrimental effect of their casts that cause the problems. The soil making up the casts is very slimy as it consists of natural secretions from the worm’s digestive system. As the casts get smeared across the lawn (by mowing/walking) it doesn’t take long before the whole lawn becomes very muddy and slippery. Plus, as they are the traditional Witches broom they will also be useful for a fly-by at Halloween! £7.99.

Paths and Patios…

As the majority of the autumn months are spent sweeping up leaves and debris, we thought it only right to draw your attention to our Groundsman range of brooms and brushes. For many years Harris has been the UK’s leading paint brush manufacturer. The Groundsman range has been introduced by Harris Victory with the English country garden in mind. We have lots of choice in store so you will be able to find the perfect one for you.

Burgon & Ball have made our lives easy with their Miracle Block Paving Brush (£10.99). The brush removes moss from between the slabs with a single stroke – no scrubbing required! Its strong bristles spring back to shape time after time and best of all…there’s no back strain. There is also a Miracle Patio Surface Brush (£21.99) – Galvanized spring steel bristles gently clean the surface whilst tough flexible polypropylene bristles gather debris…genius!

Leave the mess at the door…

With these highly absorbent cotton Ulti-Mats from Smart Garden (£9.99). They trap moisture and dirt at the door! Plus, they have some lovely autumn designs to choose from.

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