Plant Area

At Coolings we specialise in plants. Not only do we grow over 65% of our own plants at our on-site nursery, we have over three acres of display area full of the widest selection of plants available - one of the largest in the UK.

In particular we offer varied collections of:

Herbaceous Perennials
Our massive selection of over 1,160 varieties of perennials will inspire you to create a border the envy of your neighbours!

Our A-Z section of shrubs is fantastic and you’re sure to find what you’ve been looking for. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with any queries you may have and can order different sizes or varieties in some cases (ask about our plantfinder service.)

With an extremely low carbon footprint (because we grow most ourselves on our nursery), our bedding plant selection will blow your socks off!

Large specimen, trees and fruit trees
We have a large selection of semi-mature specimen plants from some long established growers from the UK and Italy. Our tree selection puts many other garden centres to shame and boasts around 800 varieties. In season we also keep a plentiful selection of fruit trees in stock to tempt you.

Climbing Plants
You are sure to find a fantastic range of climbers from Ampelopsis to Wisteria. We stock a wide variety of clematis and with the right selection you can have one flowering every month of the year!

Heathers and Alpines
We keep a good range of seasonal heathers through the spring and summer. Many have brilliant foliage through the winter so it’s not always about the flowers! Our alpine selection is looking at its best from the spring onwards when we have an eye watering array of plants.

Our rose section is well stocked and has the most variety from the autumn onwards. We stock a vast range of David Austin’s English roses too.

Ferns and Japanese Acers
You will find there is a fern suitable for every aspect or situation and we stock a huge array in season (spring-autumn).
Our Japanese Acer section is second to none and a visit during spring or autumn when they are at their best should be on the cards.

Camellias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons
The three groups of plants above are all at their best in early to late spring so that is an ideal time to select them. However our selection is available from the autumn and the soil is still warm so it makes sense to get them planted then. You can then look forward to seeing your plants burst forth in all their glory in the spring!

We don’t think you can find such a large variety of herbs anywhere else, they start arriving from March and we have more and more until it slows down in the autumn.

The majority of plants offered for sale in our plant area are grown on our own production nursery at the rear of our site. In addition, we use over 50 other specialist nurseries from the U.K. and abroad to ensure our customers the widest possible choice.

In addition, our award winning team with experts in each plant area will ensure your experience at Coolings is second to none!

Dog Friendly Policy
We love dogs and those that are accompanied by a responsible owner are welcome in our store.

All we ask is that the dogs remain on a lead and any deposits are taken home. Please ask for a bag if an accident should occur For hygiene reasons, dogs are not allowed to enter our restaurant, however they are welcome on the external patio areas.

We would also respectfully remind dog owners that not all people love dogs and as such, extra care should be taken to avoid others, especially children.