Pilates - Taking Care of Body and Soul

Pilates in Sevenoaks owns and runs The Studio at Coolings Nurseries Education Centre. This delightful ground floor facility is light, airy and accessible to all. The founder of the business is Helen Whitaker who is also the principle Pilates teacher. She is a well-known and respected certified teacher, in and around the area.

The Studio is divided into two rooms, the main studio is for group classes, on the mat and studio reformers. Studio 2 is for individual Pilates Tuition and Duos, where you are able to work exclusively, or with a friend on the apparatus, under the watchful guidance of a certified Pilates instructor. Private sessions are a good way to start if you have never done Pilates or are not confident to join a class. Once you have mastered the basics, and become more familiar with the terminology, you may want to join a class. If you would like to know more about the benefits of Pilates, read About Pilates.

We offer a range of traditional Pilates mat classes, for all levels, accommodating a maximum of ten pupils per mat class. Spaces are pre-booked using our online booking system. All apparatus and mats are provided, so you need bring nothing with you, other than a pair of socks (shoes at the door on entry).

In The Studio, we also offer group classes on the Pilates reformer and the combo chair. These wonderful aids to movement, balance and strength were designed by Joseph Pilates, many years ago and most of the classical exercises that we teach are true to his originals. This apparatus helps to balance your body, stretches tight tendons, strengthens your muscles and realigns your spine to engage you fully and happily for a whole hour, as frequently as you wish.

We offer all of our timetabled classes as individual sessions, so you do not have to commit to a course immediately, and can try first to see if you like us and get along with the method and/or the apparatus. However, if you purchase class credits in blocks, or take advantage of a monthly membership, you will find the prices to be to your benefit.

There are many pricing options and a full timetable to choose from. We'd love to welcome you to The Studio.

Courses are run from time to time and you can Enroll on the website. Our next course is Pilates for Gardeners and it starts on Thursday 14th March at 12 noon and 2pm. This course runs for 8 weeks and will teach you the basics of the PIlates method. It is suitable for all.

Pregnancy Pilates runs every Sunday at 9.15am.

Please use the links for more information and to take you to Pilates in Sevenoaks website and the timetable or call us on 07799 534191 or email: helen@pilatesinsevenoaks.co.uk