Botanical Adventures - The Spice of Life

Learn how and why André Le Nôtre created the garden at Versailles for Louis XIV. During a series of weekly instalments, you will learn more about the interesting role diplomats, royal envoys and merchants played in finding many of the flowers, shrubs and trees we now see in our gardens and the English landscape.

Hands-on weekly practical sessions will help you learn new gardening techniques you can use at home in your own garden. You will become confident in propagating a wide range of garden shrubs, bulbs and flowers using a variety of different methods.

Part of the course will look at how botanists are helping to preserve plants species for future generations and re-introducing them back into their natural habitats; together with their use in helping create new cultivars for ornamental and food plants.

Enjoy learning in a relaxed and informative atmosphere in the company of enthusiastic fellow gardeners. The course includes 10 planned full day visits to a range of gardens and nurseries in the South East to compliment the class room themes studied.


Starts: Friday 29th September 2017 - 9.30am - 12.30pm (10% off fees with Family card)

Tutor: Neil Bone

Cost: £665.56 (£599 with Family card)