Botanical Adventures 4: Ancient Assyria to Astronauts

Course Length: 1 Year (30 weeks)

Tutor: Neil Bone

Cost: £635

Starts: Friday 27th September 2019, 9.30am – 12.30pm

King Ashurbanipal of Assyria (r. 669 – c. 631 BC) was a formidable warrior and he was also a very keen gardener! We take a look at how the Assyrian kings created a slice of paradise on earth with their exotic botanical gardens.

Did you know trees live in family groups with a ‘Mother Tree’ and have the ability to communicate and share resources with each other?

Find out how research is helping us to understand more about plants and how studying them is helping us develop new technologies to combat global warming and famine.

In class we look at how growing plants in space opens-up new possibilities for long-term missions and may in the future reduce the burden of bringing or shuttling provisions. The key to such development is plant research in space.

Hands-on weekly practical sessions will help you learn new gardening techniques you can use at home in your own garden. You will become confident in propagating a wide range of garden shrubs, bulbs and flowers using a variety of different methods.


Enjoy learning in a relaxed and informative atmosphere in the company of enthusiastic fellow gardeners. 

The course includes 10 planned full day visits to a range of gardens and nurseries in the South East to compliment the class room themes studied (cost of coach is included, but not the entrance to the gardens).


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