How to be a Successful Gardener (1 Year)

This is a more practical, hands on, course than the RHS and is designed for people who have an interest in gardening and want to know more without a taxing level of science and complexity!  No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Focusing on the principal areas of contemporary gardening, it is divided into 3 modules, each of 3 hours per week for 10 weeks.  The whole course lasts 30 weeks.  The modules are also offered as individual courses so it will be possible to dip in and out for subjects you have a particular interest in.


There will also be a practical element to each module to give real-life experience of most of the topics covered. 


MODULE 1 - The Basics of How to Garden (Start Date: 30th September 2017)

  • Soil cultivation and preparation
  • Propagation
  • Planting
  • Mainentance tasks
  • Pruning
  • Making it look good: basic design concepts
  • Composting - truly amazing ecosystms
  • Growing in containers and small areas


MODULE 2 - Wildlife and Gardening (Start date 13th January 2018)

  • Friend or foe - enemies and allies in the natural world
  • Wildlife & wildlife havens
  • Plant choice and wildlife - gardens significant impact on nature
  • Sustainable gardening
  • Gardening in a changing climate
  • Peat-free growing
  • Sustainable design
  • Within these four walls - how to reuse and recycle in the garden

MODULE 3 - Growing your own vegetables (Start date 14th April 2018)

  • Planning your vegetable garden - when and what to sow
  • Preparing the ground
  • Use of fertilisers and compost - including green manures
  • Sowing and planting
  • Pests and disease monitoring and management
  • Harvesting and avoiding gluts
  • Gardens and your well-being
  • Herbs for eating
  • Plants for medicinal interest


Neil Bone

£221.11 per module or £554.44 for all 3 modules.

BOOKING:  Should you have any further queries relating to this course or to book please telephone Lesley at Coolings Nurseries Ltd on 01959 532269 or email