Production Nursery

Our production nursery is located behind Arthurs at The Gardener's Garden Centre and covers 4.5 acres. Nine staff are employed full time on our nursery, having between them over 95 years' experience growing the Coolings' way, and another 30 years' experience elsewhere in the industry. Nearly all the staff are qualified in horticulture.

There are two sides to the nursery:

Hardy Nursery Team

The hardy nursery stock team produces a wide range of plants including over 300 varieties of shrubs, 600 varieties of herbaceous perennials, over 200 varieties of conifers, 200 different roses plus a vast range of trees.

Bedding Team

The bedding plant team produces 80% of our total bedding plant requirements, including 6,000 hanging baskets. Great emphasis is placed on plant quality and freedom from pest and disease. We have a policy of only using chemicals as the last resort and concentrate on other methods, such as high standards of hygiene and cultural care.

By having our nursery adjacent to the plant sales area we are able to use display beds and benches to the full, even on the busiest weekends.

Over one million plants are produced each year. There are always stocks of fresh plants available in quantity as batches are produced each week and these plants can be sent down to the Garden Centre within 10 minutes.

The Nursery