At Coolings we are aiming to be the 'greenest' retailer in the UK and the environment is at the heart of our business. In order to achieve this aim, we have put together a series of commitments all centred around conserving and protecting our environment.

Coolings Green & Pleasant were delighted to scoop first place for ‘Greenest Garden Centre’ at the 2015 Garden Retail Awards.  For full details of our win please click here.   


For a detailed look at where we reduce our impact on the environment please click here.

  • Reducing our overall use of non-renewable resources
  • Increasing environmental awareness amongst our visitors
  • Utilising the most energy efficient solutions wherever possible
  • Avoiding the use of harmful chemicals such as chlorine
  • Making use of both traditional and modern technologies in search of the most environmentally friendly solutions
  • Promoting the importance of wildlife and educating visitors on encouraging it to thrive in their gardens
  • Recycling over 90% of our waste to ensure the bare minimum is sent to landfill
  • Reducing the 'carbon miles' of our products by ensuring we source locally and also sell organic produce where possible
  • Only selling Forest Stewardship Council certified wooden furniture, ensuring the timber is sourced responsibly
  • Encouraging children to understand the importance of our environment and it's protection and conservation
  • Sourcing 'home grown' plants where possible, fresh from our own local nursery in Knockholt or from British growers

Did You Know?

  • We recycle 2 domestic garages worth of glass and paper each year
  • Annually we recycle 4 transits worth of scrap metal
  • Over 20 tonnes of cardboard is recycled annually (That’s about 10 black Rhinos!)
  • Approx. 6 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of rainwater is harvested and used on site every year
  • We compost more than 2 shipping containers worth of green waste per annum
  • We've been growing plants for over 100 years, 6 full time growers on site = no imported pests/diseases
  • We grow thousands of plants on our on site nursery, no transportation = reduced carbon footprint